Kate is a versatile, knowledgeable, and talented personal trainer. I can’t say enough good things about her. I anticipated a bit of a challenge by working with her remotely, but it hasn’t made a difference. Her communication is timely and thorough. I am 3 years post 2-level spine fusion and 18 months post c-section and Kate understands how those affect my workouts and what I need to strengthen. The workouts are on par for what I need and she knows when and how to challenge me.

Caitlin M.

It’s an exceptional experience working with Kate. Her expertise and personalized approach are helping me achieve my fitness goals. I came to her with somewhat of an obscure disability and because my abilities are outside the norm, she is constantly utilizing her knowledge and skill as a trainer to help me overcome the challenges of training. Her constant encouragement and no judgment keeps me motivated. The most important characteristic that I truly appreciate is her dedication to my success. I highly recommend Kate for anyone seeking a knowledgeable and supportive personal trainer.

Tara C.

Kate is an excellent coach. She builds individual programs based on your level of ability and centers them around your problem areas. She understands the internal workings of muscles, and makes sure your form is safe and stable. She is very personable and easy to connect with. After many years I feel like I am talking to a friend. I recommend her highly.

Paulina V.

I hired Kate for personal training to help me improve my coordination and balance as well as to strengthen my core and overall strength. Kate is genuinely interested in my well-being and takes the time to guide and advise me on all matters pertaining to fitness, wellness and good health. Kate also has a routine set up for me but is flexible and sometimes will throw that routine or exercise out and add one that is more pertinent for my physical needs. Kate is easy going yet pushes you to meet the goals you’re working on and to move forward.

Cindy A.

Training with Kate has kept me strong and agile. With her guidance I am able to lift weights without injury. I have been amazed at what I am able to accomplish under her direction. Kate has given me great confidence in my ability to age gracefully and remain productive and active throughout my life. 

Linda B.

I started working with Kate in Feb. 2022. I love Kate’s enthusiasm and knowledge she brings to every training session. In the amount of time we have been working together my mobility has gotten better, and my strength and confidence are improving. Kate makes working out fun, not a chore. With Kate’s assistance, I am close to reaching my health and fitness goals. Kate is an asset to my fitness journey.

Cindy S.

Kate is my personal trainer!  What I mean by personal is that she takes into account my fitness goals, develops an individualized set of exercises to not only meet but also to exceed my fitness goals and expectations. Kate is an active listener as well as an acute observer, with the ability to design as well as adjust the training session or exercise based on an incorrect posture, movement or physical limitation.  Yet, she has the capability of encouraging me and giving me the confidence to go beyond what I think is possible. Since working with Kate, I have extra energy, increased flexibility combined with strength. If you are looking for a true advocate for building a strong and healthy body, I highly recommend Kate as your personal trainer!

Robyn M.